Argeus Travel & Events was founded in Cappadocia in 1993, with the aim of offering top quality custom travel services throughout Turkey. For us, the tradition of Turkish hospitality is paramount, so both our staff and contractors are encouraged to see the people traveling with us as guests, not clients.

Being a focused company, we long ago chose to specialize. Our target market can be defined as the discerning traveler - traveling alone, with family, or as part of an intimate, like-minded group - interested in cultural, archaeological and/or outdoor activities. We work with travelers who prioritize what they want to see and do in an itinerary designed for in-depth exploration and not superficial I-was-there. One who prefers the small, unique boutique hotels to large global hotel chains without character. One who recognizes the value of a knowledgeable guide able to bring to life - in all its duality and complexity - the stones and people of our beautiful country. Most of all, we cater to the traveler who demands and appreciates quality each step of the way.

In order to continually maintain a high level service we have studied the expectations of our guests. We understand that each request is unique and must be treated as such. The team of Argeus travel professionals is experienced in interpreting our guests’ needs and translating the complexity of Turkey for them. We have at hand a nationwide team of guides and drivers. Using the best boutique hotels and local service providers (from whom we demand the same commitment to service excellence) we have created a seamless final product. Most importantly, we understand the importance of showing trust in people before accepting their trust.

We appreciate the importance of details and the need for excellent service and know that our stellar reputation depends upon it.

Twenty five years on Argeus Travel & Events is a highly regarded family of professionals who all share the same philosophy of service to our clients, who go on to become our friends.